At this point of my research process, I mainly focus on the final revision of my research paper. This week I spent most of my time to share my research paper to my friends and roommates. The audience I set for my topic is general college students or instructors, so I want to know whether my paper is engaging to my audience or not. Most of my friends said it is fine, and they found it understandable, but one of my roommate suggest me to more clear define autism in the first place, then brings it into the media. The reason he wants me to do that because he confused the definition of autism from film as the real definition. So I address more clearly on the first paragraph of the body. Then I start to revise that did my research essay reach my purpose of this research. The main purpose is to convince people to pay attention to stereotype of autism, and to improve autistic people’s living environment. So during the process of the revision, I look for the reasons. By showing the differences between the British girl, Julia, and Indian boy, Tito, I show the consequences of people’s ignorant toward autism stereotype. In addition, I also used the the consequences of difficulty diagnosing autism to support that the myth of autism is preventing autistic people from getting treatments. That causes most of the autistic people or family members to worry. I used these serious outcomes of the stereotypes of autism to bring my audience’s consciousness   back. So I think I did achieve the goal to engage my audience to care about autism. The another reason I share my paper with others is my lousiness in language. I am not good at using rhetoric in my paper, so I want my friends help me to improve some of the words, grammar mistakes, or even sentence structures as long as my style is still in there.


DIY: Floral Headband 3 Ways

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Now that spring is here it’s time to pack up those winter hats, and let our hair down. Dress up your hair with these quick and easy headband DIYs featuring our favorite spring trend: Florals!

Materials for Flower Headband

What You’ll Need:

Mauve 1 3/4″ Artificial Flowers


Three Metal Headbands


Measuring Floral Trim

1. Place the end of your floral trim against the end of the headband, and line the trim along the headband.

Cutting Floral Trim

2. Cut the trim around the metal headband.


3. Glue the trim onto the headband, and let it dry.

This DIY is so easy that we had to try it out with other floral trims!

Blue Floral Headband

This variation is made with Navy Floral Rosette Trim. We trimmed back the mesh on the sides after the trim was glued to the metal band.

Sequin Flower Headband

Our last variation used 5/8″ Sequin Flower by the Yard in Soft Multi. It’s the perfect pastel headband…

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Silly Prank DIY Roundup

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Tomorrow is April 1st, which means you only have one day to prepare the perfect pranks to play on your friends and family. If you want to get some silly inspiration to send yourself and your friends into a fit of giggles, check out some of the DIYs below. Some are perfect for April Fool’s, and others are great for a home that loves a little laughter.

Whatever Clock from Serendipity and SpiceWe’ve seen similar clocks all over the internet, and now we know how to make this unaffected “Whatever” clock.

Shark Purse from A Beautiful MessThis Shark Bag is a little bit creepy, and a little bit cute. Despite his sharp fangs, this bag won’t bite and is great for storing lightweight knick-knacks!

Dinosaur Heels from InstructablesThese Dinosaur Heels are too funny! These shoes are definitely business in the front, and Jurassic Park in the back.

DIY Monster PatchesPatch up worn jeans, and give them new life with these monster patches!

Glue Milk Prank

And then…

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