More researches

After viewing the comments I got and more discussions about  my first draft, I realize some mistakes I have made. For many part of my research essay, I made conclusion out of sense instead of actual evidences. Because I did so much researches on my topic, my opinions of autism changed. I started at being ignorant toward it, but as research more about it, I am more aware of autism. This can be a good thing, but it can be a bad thing as well. The good part is that I know my topic, so I will know how to introduce to my audience, and I know convince them. But the disadvantage is I start to assume that my audience s are as aware of this topic as I do. So in many of my statements, I left many of them unexplained, or unproven. This is a huge drawback to prevent my essay of being a appropriate piece.

I went back to writing center to get more advises, and at some points, they agree with my instructor, and the tutors even help me to decide where I can add more evidences, and where I need more explanations. So I did more researches on statistic evidence to back my statements up because most of my evidence are  individual case examples.  Statistical evidences not only support my essay, they also provide general information of my statement. I went to UB library database to look for statistics for mental illness in general, then I search on autism. So, I can have a broad view of how many percents of people are suffering from mental illness, then as I focus more on autism, the data will be significantly big though the comparison. Not only I have searched on the statistics, I also searched on some theoretical statements from creditable scientists to even more strengthen my statements. From this process of improving my essay, I realize that, the case studies can provide rich evidence for specific condition, but it is hard to provides to general population. So if I want to conclude a more general statement, I need to have general statements from professionals and statistics from large samples.


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