This week I spent most of my constructing the structure of research paper since the first draft was due. Even though I had the outline already, but when started my first draft, I noticed many weakness in my previous outline, and I found it does not quite tell what I want to state in my research. So I decided to reconstruct it. 

Topic: Stereotypes of autism: svantism and disability of communicating with people.

  • Introduction: introduce the topic by using comparison of people in well. 
  • Autism is presented in media mostly by savant autistic:  
  1. Using comparison of Rain Man and Snow Cake to see the difference in people’s perception over time.
  2. The novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time is introduced to furthermore explain how media presents autism. 
  • Explain our perception of savant autistic is wrong from scientific approach. 
  • Consequences of the misconception:
  1. Using the video, “I Hate My Autistic Daughter” to illustrate bad example of dealing with autistic family members
  2. . Explaining people’s attitude toward autistic people changed because of the general categorization of autism in society. 
  3. Diagnosing autism became even more difficult because of these categorization.
  • The situation can be different if autistic patients are surround in good environment.
  • Introducing Tito’s example to prove that autistic people can also function well if they are educated and mentored well by people.

From my personal opinion, I think my second outline is much better. It talks more about the consequences of stereotypes autism, and it will convince my audience to interest in my research and that the part of engaging with my audience. In addition, it offers my paper a more clear purpose. So it will not just be a paper talks about a lot of facts of autism, but also argues why should my audience care my topic. In addition, besides adding consequences to my research, I skipped the step of defining two major autism. I did that because when I look closer to the article “Savant Syndrome 2013-Myth and Realities”, I see many other stereotypes. So I don’t want my audience think I just focused on two. So I decided to introduce these stereotype directly from the media I used. That way it is straight forward to my audience what are some misconceptions of autism. 






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