Changes in Perception of Autism

Autism is quite new disease from the aspect of science and people generally do not know well autism since recent years. But the wrong perception of autism has consolidated in people during short time. So I want to explore how has people changed their perception about autistic people, and what influence them to do that. Since the inspiration of the topic came from the book The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, so I went back to the book. It is a unique books to me, because author used first person point of view. When I first started reading it, I see straight forward language. No metaphors or similes, no ambiguous sentence, or any fancy words. It is just diary of a autistic person. He did not use chapter by whole numbers but prime numbers, and there are many charts, figures to illustrate the protagonist’s topics about math, science, detective novels. Even though it is just 200 hundreds pages book, but the information the author provides is large. I get to the inside world of a autistic people, and how would they write if they are able to. I feel like I get into Christopher’s world through the book, and it convinces me that that how every autistic people is like. However when I go back to the book second time, I figured out the trick. Like most of the directors, writes, film presenters, Mark Haddon, the author creates a unusual story of an autistic children and tries to make him like usual autistic patients. Because the techniques he used in his writing, it is easy for readers to feel the genuine of the author. That’s how the author unconsciously tries to convince us that savant syndrome is common for autistic people. 


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