research essay outline

Topic: Stereotypes of autism : svantism and disability of communicating with people.

1. Identify two stereotypes of autism and included behaviors/ symptoms:

  • savantism: autistic people who has excessive abilities or talent, especially on mathematical skills.
  • dysfunction in human contacts: patients have symptoms of difficulty communicating or any other contacts with people, they also are unable to express feeling to people.

2. Describing how these two misrepresentation have developed deeper in people’s perception over time from two approaches:

  • from professionals: Asperger’s case study in the beginning; professionals’ actions today.
  • from media: Rain Man(1988) & Snow Cake(2006).

3. Consequences and reasons why should people care about this problem:

  • Family members’  and others’ ways of dealing with a autistic member because of the misrepresentation of autism; impacts on autistic people’s mental health from the environment they are in.
  1. Dr. Phill’s video, “I hate my autistic daughter.”
  2. Tito’s case.
  3. claiming that people’s perception influence how they treat autistic people; their actions and attitudes affect autistic people’s mental health.

4. Claiming that the intervention toward these two major stereotypes of autism should be presented in the society; serious consequences will follow and affect many people in our society because of these stereotypes.



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